For Rue Photography

Authenticity, honesty & connection


My story begins, as all life begins, with grace.

And as all things should, carries on with gratitude.

I began my photography business when I had my first daughter. Despite risk and uncertainty all roads lead to this career and this life.

Photography has taught me so much. It has taught me to see the good in everyone, to see the light in even the darkest moments and to be utterly inspired by everyday life.

Photography gives me hope. Life may be in a constant flow of beginnings and endings. But, if I you hit the shutter at the right moment maybe we can breath in the magic, see a glimpse of God.

I invest genuine interest in my clients. I want to take images that show the heart and soul of you your family. I want to make images that you will cherish forever.

I have been so blessed to witness so many awe inspiring moments in this career and I would be honored to be their for yours.

With love,


Patrick Millard, you believed in me as an artist. You sparked the fire in me to persist, work hard and stay passionate. Thank you.